Into the woods

The weather was so nice and sunny that I went for a walk in the woods. For my surprise, I noticed that I wasn't alone. On a tree root I spotted two cute little reindeers. Click, click - my camera took two photos. The noise must have scared them, because when I looked again at the root of the tree, the spot was empty. I was pretty sad that I didn't manage to admire the little animals more.

I continued my walk, admiring the brown-yellow carpet of leaves covering the moisty soil, when I saw them again, one near a couple of mushrooms and then again both of them close to a white mushroom. I wondered if they were searching for something or someone. Maybe Rudolph, the red nosed reindeer?

Model: Reindeer
Designer: Paper Kawaii
Video tutorial:
Paper size: 22cm x 11cm
Paper type: duo-color


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