Autumn in red

"Leaves as delicate
as silk fans, the ginkgo tree
shades me – an old friend."

Haiku by Lynne

It's been a long time since I last folded Tomoko Fuse's origami model: Petals kusudama, type II. 

I like it because it is a 3 color model. The base (the red color) can be made from a single color paper. But the other modules should be made from a duo-color paper. In this way, we have white over the red corners and yellowish-patterned little flowers dressing the origami base. Cute, isn't it?

I just adore the ginkgo leaves. I dared to make them in a red color for the previous post. I was so happy about the result, that I also had to make them for this kusudama.

I combined the origami leaves and the kusudama with a rose made from 6 sheets of paper. First, I asked myself if this is ok, since the Rose is more like a Summer model, but looking in my garden I saw a lot of roses in bloom, even though we are almost at the end of Autumn (calendaristically speaking).

Happy Autumn!



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