First Snow


Yesterday evening it started snowing. It was more like rain with a tint of snowflakes, but this morning everything was covered in white. I am making this post in the honor of the First Snow for this Season.

The kusudama within the picture is a first for me. It is designed by Valentina Minayeva. The modules are pretty hard to fold, but the assembly was harder. At one point I wanted to abandon the model. But I liked it so much, that I tried and tried again, until I managed to assembly all 30 modules. 

I also found it hard to take pictures for it. Since I have chosen a red paper for the design, all my pictures are fuzzy. I always have issues with the red color. But with the green of the pine tree and the white of the snow I though this image is good enough to post on my blog.

Let the Winter come and start preparing for Christmas!


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