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Just a Fox

Do you know the fox fable by Aesop? While folding this fox origami model I came across it again. I liked the coincidence, so I decided to include a link to the fable in my post. My origami fox just ate a couple of very tasety grapes - as you can(not) see - and, after washing the bowls, she spent a lot of time dressing up for a date. She finally decided to wear a head band with hydrangea flowers that was matching her tail perfectly. Also, she searched the internet for fox jokes , since she wanted to have at least one funny conversational topic when meeting her friend(s). Her favorite was: " Why was the artist taking a long time drawing a fox? Because he paid too much attention to de-tail. " Model: Sonobe variation Designer: Paolo Bascetta Tutorial: No of modules: 30 Paper size: 7.5cm x 7.5cm Model: Hoya flowers Designers: Natalia Romanenko No of modules: 60 (5 per modular flower) Size: 4 cm x 4

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