miercuri, 24 aprilie 2019

Paper mobile - Bunnies and pink flowers

Easter is coming, so folding bunnies is a must. When you have paper with bunny-pattern you will have even more bunnies, some folded, some printed. Since outside is spring, the birds that are chirping among pink flowers are also a must. This is how this paper mobile was built.

A sweet little baby girl is enjoying spring above her crib...

Autor: Simon Andersen
Video tutorial: https://www.paperkawaii.com/origami-bird-tutorial-mandarin-or-seagull-simon-anderson/

Model: Kusudama Taj-Mahal
Author: Valentina Minaeva
Tutorial: https://stranamasterov.ru/node/517327
Modules: 5

Model: cute easter bunny
Autor: Sa.ri.ri.ri
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=neJzmgMQui4&t=0s&index=9&list=PLwQsZk9794mfaYL_3DGJzwQ9G5guiBUqZ

duminică, 21 aprilie 2019

Paper mobile - Moon and blue unicorns

Time is not my friend these days, so I had to choose between folding my paper mobiles or trying to make less-crappy pictures and posting on my blog. That's why a couple of weeks passed before you heard anything from me.
I used the moon and the lucky stars combination again, this time mixed with origami diamonds and cute little unicorns. The beads are sparkling when the mobile spins, bringing a nice touch to the paper.
I bought this paper from Lidl last year, just before the Easter holidays. In the package there were a lot of cute patterns with rabbits and eggs and carrots. I used it for bunny paper mobiles (bunny paper mobile ver 2  and bunny paper mobile ver 1) so I wanted to try something else.

I present you a paper mobile custom made for a very sweet baby boy: guided by the moonlight the unicorns are flying between the stars.

Model: Unicorn
Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wgyyCBsENis
Modules: 2 (one is for the horse and the other one is what it makes it so special: the corn)

Model: Paper diamond
Tutorial: http://designoform.com/diy-party/tutorial-paper-diamonds-diy/
Modules: 2

Model: moon
Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T0dFWXlhPws

duminică, 24 martie 2019

Just like a summer day

Today was like a summer day. Full of sun and warmth and joy.  Just a perfect day  to pluck a dandelion, close your eyes, blow the seeds into the air and make a wish.

miercuri, 20 martie 2019

Antique blue

A remake of a model folded by me a long time ago: Kusudama Enrica (https://cridiana-origami.blogspot.com/2011/07/galben-si-roz.html). Then it was made for spring, now it is made for summer, with blue roses and a tint of turquoise. 

Model: Kusudama Enrica 
Diagrama: http://stranamasterov.ru/node/157778?tid=451%2C560/

luni, 18 martie 2019

Yellow origami duck - part two

I just can't get enough of this model. Since I was folding the first one for a present, I just had to make a new one for myself. For uniquity, I added three flowers at the end and a blue ribbon to the duck.

Model: Baby duck
 Author: Hoang Tien Quyet
Video tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8SRVbmlnUlE

 Model: Hana no kusudama no. 43
Author: Mariko Kubo
Diagrama in the book: "Hana no Kusudama" 

sâmbătă, 16 martie 2019

Yellow origami duck

I just adore the duckling model designed by Hoang Tien Quyet. Unfortunately I don't have the patience nor the skills to model the ducks so that they resembles the original model. The duck from the origami arrangement is the first model I folded, and it is not my best one. But I folded more, in reach of perfection :))
Since there are no measures in the tutorial, each duck I made is unique... some of them thinner, some of them without neck... and a lot of them as miniatures (used for Martisoare - see my previous post).
Since ducks like water, I assorted them with a blue kusudama (from Hana no Kusudama book of Mariko Kubo) and a couple of blue flowers as a finish touch.

Model: Baby duck
 Author: Hoang Tien Quyet
Video tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8SRVbmlnUlE

 Model: Hana no kusudama no. 43
Author: Mariko Kubo
Diagrama in the book: "Hana no Kusudama"

A lot of ducklings hatched and they are just trying to reach out their parents (the ones in the background of the first pic) :)

vineri, 1 martie 2019


If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck it is a .... Martisor, specially made for celebrating 1 of March.

Model: Baby duck
 Author: Hoang Tien Quyet
Video tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8SRVbmlnUlE

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