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Sunflower kusudama

I am back with another sunflower design. This time it is origami and a little bit of quilling. 
I managed to get together the flowers from this post: in a kusudama.

The base is made from an electra model:
There are 12 flowers made from an adaptation of this diagram:,850
Then there are 20 little buds to fill in the corners.

Postări recente

Light and shadows - sunflower

Long time no see! I am very lazy these days. I also broke the promise I made at the beginning of the year to post at least once per week. I broke it this summer and it seems that I am breaking it also in the autumn. I have some models that I have to post and I have a lot of kusudamas started, but not yet finished so I hope I will get back on track as soon as possible.

I am very happy that I managed to post today the lovely crepe paper sunflowers I made in the middle of the summer. As I said before, I am very found of sunflowers and I try to make them each year (if you want to follow my series click this link: I tried of lot of models and I am happy with all the results.
Usually I am making them for kusudamas, but this time I made a three-flower arrangement for a small vase. Crepe-paper flowers are in top of my preferences when I have to make flowers in vases. I hope you also like them. Enjoy the pics!

Autumn rays of light …

Flocks of birds

Wishing you a colorful day!

Autumn's touch

De cateva zile am inceput sa simt apropierea toamnei: ici colo cate o dimineata friguroasa, ori un stol de ciori galagios, o ploaie mai rece sau un camp plin de scaieti ... si cel mai trist dintre toate - un palc de copaci cu covor de frunze galbene si crengi golase - ce se remarca din departare intre verdele sanatos al celorlalti copaci.
Vreme tocmai buna pentru:

"Raindrops on the roof. Golden leaves crunching underfoot. Snuggle with a book." Ann Southall

Orange birds

S-a odihnit o multime pasarea din postarea anterioara in vacanta si era cat pe ce sa uite sa se mai intoarca... Dar s-a intors, si a venit cu forte proaspete si cu un model nou de kusudama: Selene Sonobe - marca Maria Sinayskaya (din cartea Zen origami - 20 modular forms for meditation and calm).

Resting bird