Handmade Christmas Ornaments Tutorials


When there are only a couple of days until Christmas, or even when you are melting because of the hotness of the Summer and your fingers are itching to fold some Winter origami models to help you cool down (you have no more ice cream) you start wandering what should you choose.

That’s why, I present you a couple of Christmas origami (and not only) tutorials for models I have folded until now, very found to me. I made a couple of tutorials, but you will also find youtube videos where available.

 I wish you happy folding!

Tutorial - Christmas Envelopes For Children

Link here: https://cridiana-origami.blogspot.com/2020/12/christmas-envelopes-for-children.html

Tutorial - Christmas Tree Envelopes

Link here: https://cridiana-origami.blogspot.com/2020/12/christmas-tree-envelopes.html

Tutorial - Diamond Globes

Link here: https://cridiana-origami.blogspot.com/2020/11/la-vie-en-rose.html

Tutorial - Fox Box

Link here: https://cridiana-origami.blogspot.com/2020/11/fox-box.html

Tutorial - Santa Claus

Link here: https://cridiana-origami.blogspot.com/2018/12/tutorial-santa-claus.html

Tutorial - Snowflake from Paper Strips


Tutorial - Christmas Ribbon

Tutorial - Spiky Star

Tutorial - Christmas Tree From Paper Fans

Link here: http://cridiana-origami.blogspot.ro/2014/12/tutorial-bradut-de-craciun-din-rozete.html

Tutorial - Origami Christmas Tree

Link here: http://cridiana-origami.blogspot.com/2011/11/tutorial-bradut-de-craciun.html

Tutorial - Golden Venture Candy Cane

Link here: https://cridiana-origami.blogspot.com/2020/12/candy-canes.html

Tutorial - Golden Venture Christmas Tree

Link here: http://cridiana-origami.blogspot.com/2009/12/tutorial-brad-golden-venture.html

Tutorial - Golden Venture Snowman

Link here: http://cridiana-origami.blogspot.com/2009/12/tutorial-om-de-zapada-golden-venture.html


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