Purple moon and crane

Once on a purple moon a crane went walking in a park. Oh.. my bad... not walking but flying. It was a special park, with centenary trees in the middle of the town. Well, not quite middle, more than a left and up and then right and down and up again, but you get my point. In the middle of the Winter (this time really the middle) a warm Spring day with sun and chirping birds made the crane to leave his cage and get adventurous. He was rewarded for taking a break of his laziness by meeting a very hard working woodpecker and a very noisy mockingbird. 

He also saw a dog. He was very confused why the dog was in the park when, at the entry, there was a big sign with a dog and a not allowed red circle. He looked again at the sign, and he saw that the dog in the drawing had white glasses. Then he understood: "No dogs with glasses allowed". He became confused again: why this discrimination?

This model, with the moon covered in small hydrangea origami flowers, with the bird and kusudamas, all purple, is a re-make of a previous arrangement of mine, very dear too me. You can see the original model on my blog, here. I have choosen to associate daphne odora kusudamas with the flowers on the moon. I think they fit togheter pretty nice. The origami crane model within this post is the elegant congratulations crane (I don't know who is the author).

Model: Daphne Odora
Autor: Mio Tsugawa
Tutorial: http://cridiana-origami.blogspot.com/2011/10/tutorial-daphne-odora.html


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