Colorful butterflies

I saw this kusudama a week ago on Facebook. It is a design made by Valentina Minayeva. I just fell in love with the model and I asked her for the diagram. She was very nice and she gave it to me.

I folded one module (a green one), since her displayed model was a green one. It seemed pretty hard to fold, but I just adored how it looked. So, I gathered my courage to cut the rest of paper and start folding. I wanted to have a rainbow of colors blended within the kusudama.

 I was very happy when I discovered that I have more than 30 colors of origami paper. I folded the rest of modules, but not one module after the other. I splited the diagram in 3 big steps, and I folded all the modules using step 1, then using step 2 then step 3. Folding like this simplified the complexity of the modules. While folding, I was humming the Somewhere over the rainbow melody.

When I saw all those cute butterflies sparkling in front of me in different colors, I just felt sorry to assembly them. But I put them together. I cheated a little and I used glue, even though it was not necessary. It went easier than I thought, except for the last module. It really was a challenge to fix it to the origami shape.

Model: Green
Author: Valentina Minayeva
No of modules: 30
Paper ratio: 1:6
Paper size: 4cm x 24cm


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