Kapok flowers and the Moon

This post is from the series: "every day you can learn something new". 

A couple of months ago, a friend sent me a link with these beautiful origami flowers, called Kapok flowers. Since there was also a nice tutorial, I started folding them. I started with one, and then I kept folding. I just adored the model. In the tutorial, the flowers were orange, but I wanted to make them yellow, to match my Moon.

Today, when I wanted to create this post, I googled a little bit about Kapok flowers, because I also wanted to see the real ones. The first link was about the Kapok bush, that produces stunning yellow flowers when it loses his leaves in the dry season. 

Where is this Kapok bush - I wondered? In Kakadu. What is Kakadu? It is a National Park from Australia. The largest one. Near beautiful landscape images, there were some with Cockatoos parrots. We call them Kakadu. 

I always liked these birds, but I never knew they were so many in Australia that they are considered pests. In America they are considered an endangered species, so they cannot be imported anymore (wiki). In Romania, they are very expensive, so, instead of a parrot, I've used in my pictures a fluffy bird as an ornament near the origami flowers.

The origami moon is made from hundreds of yellow flowers. A couple of them are roses, a couple are hydrangea flowers. The only thing that's missing is the Moon Fairy. She just flew away on a different moon.

Model: Kapok flower
Author: Eagle
Model from: pentagon
Tutorial: here


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