marți, 30 aprilie 2019

Purple spring

I adore spring, especially when the trees are in bloom.  I usually like to walk slowly and admire the reviving nature and listen to the birds. But this year I was so busy, that I didn't even notice my surroundings until I smelt a sweet fragrance. I looked up and I was almost shocked when I saw the flowers in the trees above me. I paced myself for a little while and an idea came. I had the perfect setting for photographing my latest origami model. So, the next day, I came with a camera and made this pics.
The moon is made using around 100 origami traditional flowers. I accessorized it with the mandarin bird (as I lately do to each of my models) and I associated it with 3 kusudamas - a model of Tomoko Fuse from the book "Unit origami fantasy". Each kusudama has 30 modules, made from square sheets of paper. I used a wrapping paper and I was afraid that it was to thin for this model, but I am glad that I worried for nothing.
I really enjoyed working on this arrangement, especially to the moon. It may be the first moon I've made of this design, but it won't be the last. I liked folding the traditional flowers. It have been a couple of years since I folded last this model, in the pink version:
A couple of details:

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