miercuri, 24 aprilie 2019

Paper mobile - Bunnies and pink flowers

Easter is coming, so folding bunnies is a must. When you have paper with bunny-pattern you will have even more bunnies, some folded, some printed. Since outside is spring, the birds that are chirping among pink flowers are also a must. This is how this paper mobile was built.

A sweet little baby girl is enjoying spring above her crib...

Autor: Simon Andersen
Video tutorial: https://www.paperkawaii.com/origami-bird-tutorial-mandarin-or-seagull-simon-anderson/

Model: Kusudama Taj-Mahal
Author: Valentina Minaeva
Tutorial: https://stranamasterov.ru/node/517327
Modules: 5

Model: cute easter bunny
Autor: Sa.ri.ri.ri
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=neJzmgMQui4&t=0s&index=9&list=PLwQsZk9794mfaYL_3DGJzwQ9G5guiBUqZ

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