duminică, 30 septembrie 2018

Purple birds and flowers

I wanted to try another kusudama from the book "Hana no kusudama" by Mariko Kubo. There are a lot of lovely models and it is very hard for me to choose a new one to fold, since I did not manage to finish all the color combinations I had in mind for the previous models. But lately I wanted to make a three-petals flower, so I took a chance with this one.
It was easy to fold - even though are a lot of modules and took me a lot of time to do it, but hard to assembly. I sew them as it was written in the instructions, but the shape isn't as round as it should be. Next time (if there will be a next one) I will use an Electra base.
I tried a every daring combination from my point of view - purple with neon-orange and grass green.
I also took a chance with another bird model, one from a NOA magazine. I combined them with a strong package model (Tomoko Fuse's model).

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