miercuri, 31 iulie 2019

Summer vibe

These days I am working on multiple projects and neither of them are finished. My room is a colorful mess, full of paper, origami modules, crepe paper petals and kusudamas.
I made a couple of pictures - this little corner looks just so adorable and it has a summer vibe.  

Model: Le Rose Screziate
Author: Tomoko Fuse and Kunihiko Kasahara
Modules: 30
Tutorial: http://stranamasterov.ru/node/604745

sâmbătă, 27 iulie 2019

Paper mobile - Baby Dragons

I finally finished my work on this paper mobile. Baby dragons among stars and fans. I just adore this combination. In the past I made a similar one: https://cridiana-origami.blogspot.com/2015/05/dragons-and-fans.html But then I used different shades of blue, now I've combined yellow with dark-grey.
I used three types of dark-grey paper, with different patterns and three shades of yellow.
I also tried a variation of the Butterflies type III model - in which I've used only 3 modules, inspired by a paper mobile folded by Adina. It was pretty hard to assembly, even though it was super easy to make. The secret is to use a drop of glue when assembly the two pieces of each module. If you don't, the fans will just pop out.
Enjoy the next pics with details...

Model: Butterflies type III
Author: Tomoko Fuse

Model: Wen's Dragon
Author: Sok Song
Diagram: Creased issue no. 7

marți, 23 iulie 2019

Paper mobile - Blue Stars

Round and around and around and around we go ... surrounded by blue stars...

Model: Kusudama Ari Jigoku Kaaru (Ant Lion's Nest) - 30 modules
Author: Silvana Betti Mamino
Diagram: "Unit Origami Fantasy"-2010, "Origami Tanteidan Magazine"- No. 121

duminică, 7 iulie 2019

All good things are wild and free

I was working on a couple of Wen's Dragons for a paper mobile when I remembered a model for a baby dragon that I fold a long time ago. I suddenly had the urge to fold it again and I just had the perfect paper for it. This is the result... Isn't it a cutie?

Model: Baby Dragon
Author: Daniell Carboni
Diagram: Licence to fold (Nicolas Terry)

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