duminică, 27 ianuarie 2013

Whipped Cream

Mi-a placut asa de mult modelul "Star with Spirals" incat i-am facut si surioara: "Whipped Cream Star". Si cum acest model in varianta lui Meenakshi Mukerji ma duce cu gandul la o ceasca de cafea cu lapte l-am accesorizat cu o ceasca de cafea .. cu ursulet.

Model: Whipped Cream Star (variante: 30, 12, 8 piese)
Autor: Meenakshi Mukerji
Diagrama: in cartea "Origami Inspirations"

4 comentarii:

  1. Cridiana: this work is really beautiful as always!
    I love the paper and the photos are great.

  2. Thank you Claudia! I am also very found of this paper. I wanted to use it for Christmas, but I didn't have the chance.

    Have a nice day!

  3. your work is gorgeous and I love it
    Greetings Baukje



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