duminică, 9 februarie 2020

Birds and roses

The roses are grey-ish, the birds are red, the paper is cute and the deadline is due...
Love is in the air, my Valentine kusudama is in work and I don't think it will be ready on time since I was distracted with this model. When I saw the black-grey paper with red-pink roses I just had to buy it, go home, cut it and start folding and folding and folding. After the kusudamas were ready I had to think of what paper I should use for the birds. It was pretty hard to decide but in the end, I went with a paper bought from Japan a long time ago. The contrast is pretty good. Also, I made for the first time this arrangement with 3 kusudamas being hanged on different points of the main kusudama, like a carousel, instead of just put them in sequence on the thread. I like how it looks and I want to try it again in the future.

Model: Le Rose Screziate
Author: Tomoko Fuse and Kunihiko Kasahara
Modules: 30 or12
Tutorial: http://stranamasterov.ru/node/604745


Model: Mandarin
 Author: Simon Anderson
Tutorial: https://www.paperkawaii.com/origami-bird-tutorial-mandarin-or-seagull-simon-anderson/

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