duminică, 19 mai 2019

Sakura pattern

 I saw on the internet an amazing origami paper set from Tuttle Publishing. In the description it stated that it has colorful cherry blossom designs and patterns. But when I opened it at home, almost every paper seemed so gloomy. Also the paper looked too thin. I was disappointed.
Since I adored the patterns, I started looking for a model to fold and I found the variation of the Selene Sonobe (designed by Maria Sinayskaya) I folded a couple of times. I chose a sakura pattern, wanting to show more the flowers and less the simple background. It seems that I chosen wrong and after assembly, the kusudama has more simple background than flowers.
Even though, I am happy about the end result. Of course that I had to accessorize the kusudama with a modular sakura flower and a little bird.
I was nicely impressed by the fact that even though the paper was thin, it folded well and it did not break. I also liked the texture. So, I am going to give another chance to this paper in the near future.

on a soft breeze the rustle
of cherry blossom 

Model: Selene Sonobe
Author: Maria Sinayskaya
No. of modules: 30
Diagram: 'Zen origami' book of Maria Sinayskaya 

duminică, 12 mai 2019

Pink doll

 I have a cute little pink doll with rabbit years. I keep her on the shelve in my room. One day, while looking at her and then at my box with origami papers, an idea came to me. What if I combine pink with yellow and turquoise? So I combined them all in a hana no kusudama arrangement.
I had to immortalize also the doll in the pics, since she was the muse for this origami flowers.

sâmbătă, 4 mai 2019


It seems that purple is my color these days. And when I think of purple flowers, the first image I have in mind is a field with lavender. I did not fold lavender flowers, but sakura ones combined with Stella Conica modular origami. Still, they look nice together.
I reiterated my last year models: https://cridiana-origami.blogspot.com/2018/04/sweet-spring-bird.html on a special request. I usually don't like to repeat myself but for this one I made an exception.

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