luni, 31 decembrie 2018

Christmas paper mobile - Gingerbread men, Christmas trees and diamonds

Finally, with a little bit of luck I had a little bit of light and I was able to make some pictures I am happy with. This is the last paper mobile within the Christmas series for this year and I think that this is the cutest of them all because of the gingerbread men. 
I wish you a happy new year, full of color and sun!

Model: Christmas Tree

Model: Gingerbread man
Author: Kamikey
Size: 6 cm

Model: Paper diamond
Modules: 2
Size: 7 cm

miercuri, 26 decembrie 2018

Tutorial - Santa Claus


I made a variation of the Santa Claus model designed by Yukihiko Matsuno (here you can see the youtube tutorial: in order to use it for my Christmas paper mobiles. In my variation, Santa has two faces. Like this, it is nicer to display in a paper mobile especially because the origami figures spin a lot in the decoration, every time someone touches them or you just open the window.
For this model you need two squares of paper - duo-color: red & white. You can start with a 9 cm model, but then you can make smaller models of 7 cm or even 5 cm - depending on your patience.



Here we have two parts: the head and the body. We will have to glue them together:

The model is ready. You can use a marker to make the eyes, nose and mouth if you want to.

luni, 10 decembrie 2018

Christmas paper mobile - Christmas tree, Santa Claus and diamonds

I present you the second paper mobile from my Christmas series. When I don't have enough time to take pictures and the sun doesn't want to be seen, I have poor quality pics and no desire to post them on my blog. But as I want to keep track of my models here, I decided to make this post after all.
This paper mobile has as center pieces a Christmas Tree and a Santa. They are surrounded by diamonds made from Christmas wrapping paper.
In the previous post I have the links to diamonds and Santa models:

Model: Christmas Tree

joi, 6 decembrie 2018

Christmas paper mobile - Santa Claus and diamonds

This year for Christmas I made a couple of paper mobiles as presents for my friends and family. The common elements were the tree branch - used to hang the ornaments - and the diamond-shaped globes, made from two colorful pieces of paper. 
Here, I added the Santa Claus model designed by Yukihiko Matsuno. At the first glance, I thought that it was a good idea. It was shaped as a triangle and it matched the diamonds. But, unfortunately, the model is 2D and it is not easy to be seen in the arrangement, since it has personality and it does not want to stay with the face to the watcher. I adjusted a little the model, so that my Santa has two faces (also on the back :)) - for a paper mobile, this is nicer.
For the diamonds I used two squares of paper (7 cm each) and for the Santa Claus also two squares of double-sided paper (7 cm each).

Model: Paper diamond
Modules: 2
Size: 7 cm

Model: Santa Claus
Author: Yukihiko Matsuno
Or you can try the two-faces Santa from my tutorial: 

duminică, 28 octombrie 2018

Last breeze of summer

Summer is over, autumn it's almost at its peek, but I am still dreaming of sunflowers. I just adore this model and I like how the crepe paper is modeling itself into it.

duminică, 30 septembrie 2018

Purple birds and flowers

I wanted to try another kusudama from the book "Hana no kusudama" by Mariko Kubo. There are a lot of lovely models and it is very hard for me to choose a new one to fold, since I did not manage to finish all the color combinations I had in mind for the previous models. But lately I wanted to make a three-petals flower, so I took a chance with this one.
It was easy to fold - even though are a lot of modules and took me a lot of time to do it, but hard to assembly. I sew them as it was written in the instructions, but the shape isn't as round as it should be. Next time (if there will be a next one) I will use an Electra base.
I tried a every daring combination from my point of view - purple with neon-orange and grass green.
I also took a chance with another bird model, one from a NOA magazine. I combined them with a strong package model (Tomoko Fuse's model).

duminică, 23 septembrie 2018

Sunflower kusudama

I am back with another sunflower design. This time it is origami and a little bit of quilling. 
I managed to get together the flowers from this post: in a kusudama.

The base is made from an electra model:
There are 12 flowers made from an adaptation of this diagram:,850
Then there are 20 little buds to fill in the corners.

vineri, 14 septembrie 2018

Light and shadows - sunflower

Long time no see! I am very lazy these days. I also broke the promise I made at the beginning of the year to post at least once per week. I broke it this summer and it seems that I am breaking it also in the autumn. I have some models that I have to post and I have a lot of kusudamas started, but not yet finished so I hope I will get back on track as soon as possible.

I am very happy that I managed to post today the lovely crepe paper sunflowers I made in the middle of the summer. As I said before, I am very found of sunflowers and I try to make them each year (if you want to follow my series click this link: I tried of lot of models and I am happy with all the results.
Usually I am making them for kusudamas, but this time I made a three-flower arrangement for a small vase. Crepe-paper flowers are in top of my preferences when I have to make flowers in vases. I hope you also like them. Enjoy the pics!

Autumn rays of light brighten the flowers of the sun.

Here is a lovely tutorial for a complex version of the flowers:

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