luni, 25 iulie 2011

Lily of the Nile

Model: Lily of the Nile
Autor: Tanya Vysochina
Diagrama: cartea Origami Inspirations by Meenakshi Mukerji

9 comentarii:

  1. Hi, uau it is very beautiful.

    All details are very well done. The kusudama is very well folded.

    Nice job!

    Have a nice week.

  2. Clara your blog it's beautiful! Congratulations!

  3. Clara,

    I love your blog!
    It's amazing!

    Big kiss,

  4. Tot incerc sa fac un top al preferatelor mele si nu ma hotarasc pentru primul loc. Sa fie Snow white? Sa fie oriro? Sa fie Lily of the Nile? Fiecare nou model face alegerea grea. Prea frumoase!

  5. Răspunsuri
    1. I am sorry, but I do not think I will make a tutorial for this model. It is pretty complicated and it has a lot of steps. The diagram from the book is very good.

  6. Clara
    Soy tu admiradora! Por ti empece en el origami, eres muy talentosa!!! Saludos y bendiciones.



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